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B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology
Duration : 6 Semesters (Three Years)
Total Marks = 3600

Eligibility : B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology is a 3 year undergraduate course, eligibility to which is qualifying 10+2 Level with PCB/M

B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology: What is it all about?

  • Do you know how a Doctor treats his/her patients? The treatment process starts with observation of symptoms in patients and diagnosis of the disease. It is after diagnosis that a Doctor arrives upon a conclusion and prescribes medicine/surgery or whatever the best solution is.
  • Diagnosis of the disease is the stage when MLT professionals come into play! In many cases, Doctors refer the patients to medical labs so that they may get tested and correct diagnosis can be made. MLT professionals, by testing samples of urine, blood, stool or other body tissues, makes the correct diagnosis and sends the report back to the Doctor.
  • At first, the role of a medical lab technician might seem simple and small. On looking closer, one will be able to realize how they play a crucial role in the treatment of patients. A correct diagnosis is the first step that will lead patients towards effective treatment. So, the task of medical lab technicians is very much important.
  • To become a medical laboratory technologist or technician in India, one must study professional courses related to the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. It can be said to be a paramedical course. The course trains students in aspects such as learning about various diseases, their detection and diagnosis. Techniques such as operating electronic and electrical lab equipment, patient record keeping and progress monitoring are also taught in this course. Let us check out course details in the next section-
  • B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology is an Allied Health specialty program that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the utilization of clinical laboratory tests. As important members of the health care group, medical laboratory experts play an important role in collecting the information required to provide the best care to an ill or injured patient. The truth of the matter is that the practice of modern medicine would be outlandish without the tests performed in the laboratory.
  • Medical laboratory experts have unlimited options of practice settings. Hospitals, public health facilities, nursing homes, clinics, and commercial laboratories all have job opportunities for qualified laboratory experts or professionals. In these settings, correspondence and research aptitudes are profoundly esteemed.
  • Candidates who must be able to conduct research, be hard worker, finish tasks with accuracy and can handle stress and must have interpreting technical skills.
  • Candidates willing to pursue B.Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology) program and have knowledge of mechanical ability, laboratory instruments, and the ability to utilize computers are most appropriate for this program. Candidates who are thinking of doing Masters’ Degree after it and then further research work are also additionally fit for this..

B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology: Career Prospects

  • Medical technologists are a vital part of the medical job. These experts get engaged with handy and specialized work to help correct diagnosis and viable working of Biochemical Laboratories.
  • The job opportunities in this field depends on the basis of academic and technical skills of the technologist or technician. Initially candidates join any laboratory as a certified medical laboratory technician. Nowadays with the development in the private sector there are numerous private hospitals, blood banks, nursing homes, pathology laboratories etc. the interest and demand for laboratory technicians is on the up-swing.
  • With sufficient experience and knowledge, Medical Laboratory Technologists can advance to supervisory or management profile in hospitals and laboratories. Applicants can also work as Consultant, Laboratory manager, supervisor, Hospital Outreach coordination, health care Administrator, laboratory information system Analyst, Consultant, educational consultant or coordinator etc.
Top Recruiting Companies
Ranbaxy, Apollo Hospitals, Medanta Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Sun Pharma, HLL Life Care Limited, Fortis Hospital, Max Healthcare, Metro Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Sant Parmanand Hospital, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, etc.
Top Job Areas
Hospitals, Military Services, Colleges & Universities, Blood Donor Centers etc.

Medical Laboratory Technology Job Prospects

Medical technologists are an integral part of the medical profession. These professionals get involved in practical and technical work to aid correct diagnosis and effective functioning of Biochemical Laboratories.

  • The career prospects in this field depend on the academic and technical skills of the technologist/technician. Initially he/she joins any laboratory as a certified medical laboratory technician. These days with the growth in the private sector there are so many private hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, pathology laboratories etc. the demand for laboratory technicians is on the up-swing.
  • With adequate knowledge and experience, Medical Laboratory Technologists can advance to supervisory or management positions in laboratories and hospitals. They can also work as Laboratory manager/Consultant/supervisor, health care Administrator, Hospital Outreach coordination, laboratory information system Analyst/Consultant, educational consultant / coordinator etc. Additional opportunities are available in molecular diagnostics, molecular biotechnology companies and in vitro fertilization laboratories as well as in research labs.
Medical Technologist work covers areas such as:
  • Blood banking
  • Clinical Chemistry (chemical analysis of body fluids)
  • Haematology (blood related)
  • Immunology (study of immune system)
  • Microbiology (study of bacteria and other disease organisms)
  • Cytotechnology (study of human tissue)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Urine analysis
  • Coagulation
  • Parasitology  
  • Blood Sample Matching
  • Drug Efficacy Tests
  • Serology

Technologists may also conduct research supervised by medical researchers, who are responsible for maintaining report accuracy and conducting complex tests. They generally have more training than a medical laboratory technician, who performs routine testing under stipulated conditions.Technicians may help by preparing specimens and operating automated sample analysing machines, setting up testing equipment, keeping the lab clean, maintaining tools and conditions etc.
Top Job Positions
Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Manager, Medical Officer, Research Associate, Medical Record Technician, Resident Medical Officer, Lab Assistant, Laboratory Testing Manager, Associate Professor/Lecturer etc.
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